24-Hour Disinfecting Service for COVID-19

Protect BEFORE you get a positive result

Choice Projects has been involved in the COVID-19 pandemic since day one. Through various avenues including the cleaning and disinfecting of offices and businesses throughout Alberta, and the development and selling of products including hand sanitizer, and hand sanitizer stands.

Our Process

Deep Cleaning Procedures

Our deep cleaning procedures ensure that every surface and high-contact area is cleaned and disinfected throughout your office or place of business.

Going above and beyond the minimum ensures that you are back to work, and back in your office sooner. All while ensuring the high level of cleanliness and safety you would expect.

Following Strict Guidelines

Choice Projects 24-hour Cleaning Service follows all of the CDC’s cleaning recommendations for the cleaning and disinfecting of COVID-19.

This gives you and your customers the peace of mind knowing that your business has been cleaned to the top standard.

Standard Operating Procedures


  • Donning all proper PPE
  • Deep cleaning of all high-touch surfaces
  • Disinfectant spraying of the room 
  • Completion of a disinfection log sheet

These Standard Operating Procedures being followed every time ensures that you receive the same exceptional quality, every time.

Our Training

All employees and representatives of Choice Projects are expected to, and will have undergone extensive training for how to properly clean and disinfect areas contaminated with COVID-19. 

We pride ourselves on our superior training and ability to send a fully trained and prepared crew to you 24 hours a day!

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