Who We Are and What We Do

Choice Projects Ltd. has been directly involved in all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020. Choice Projects Ltd. has a complete line of protective services from disinfecting buildings to manufacturing hand sanitizer stands to distributing hand sanitizer.

Offering a Variety of Services and Products

electrostatic cleaning

24 Hour Cleaning Service for COVID-19

Offering cleaning and sanitization of your workplace, 24 hours a day, to keep you up and running throughout the pandemic!

Manufacturing of Hand Sanitizer Stands

Manufacturing three varieties of Alberta made hand sanitizer stands, guaranteed to be able to match your business's needs!

Hand Sanitizer bottle

Hand Sanitizer (of various sizes)

Instilled with a skin softener and pleasantly scented this hand sanitizer will help keep you open and safe!

Fully Trained and Qualified Technicians for Disinfecting Electrostatic Spray Service

ZVERSE Face Shields

A unique take on the traditional face shield these one-of-a-kind face shields will keep you and your customers safe

Handmade Face Masks

Handmade fabric face maks to help you stay protected. Easily reusable and washable, never be without a mask again!


We offer a variety of gloves in various sizes for your cleaning and sanitization needs.

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